Doctor BoBo

“Dave’s wormfood now.” Franklin said, shaking his head.
“I still think we should have at least waited till he was fully dead to sacrifice him to the worm pit.” Jake said, still a little shocked.
“See that’s the difference between you and I. You’re a thinker, I’m a doer.”
“I fought off the land sharks all by myself, you just sat in the corner writing in your journal!” Jake said, furious.
“Hey!” Franklin yelled, “My Doctor told me to write in my journal ten minutes a day, I decided to write at 12:00 everyday. Do you really want me to disobey the doctors orders?”
“Franklin! The doctor is a severely mutated monkey who gives diagnosis by throwing feces at different books!”
“They said there would be people like you, afraid of progress!”

Jake stormed off, headed away from Franklin and towards the abandoned airport where they were based. The day had started off well, the three of them had woken up to find they still possessed all their limbs, even Dave’s special limb that grew on his back. Things went downhill though when the land sharks had attacked.
Jake and Franklin walked in silence on the way back to the airport. Jake was going to put some unkind words in his biography about this day. He was hoping his biography would quickly be picked up. Jake had yet to figure out that the death of the world probably meant the death of the publishing industry as well.
When the two finally arrived back they were surprised to see that something was amiss. The entire airport was gone, with only an IOU an airport in it’s place.
“It was probably those teenagers, they are the worst!” Frank said, sitting down.
Jake hated injustice and wasn’t going to stand for it. So he sat down.
Frank on the other hand wasn’t going to take this sitting down. So he stood up.
“BoBo?” Franklin called as he looked up and down the area in search of the Monkey doctor. He needed some medicine for a case of depression, or if you’re more familiar with the medical term, Feces thrown at Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. But the search was in vain for there was no sign of Bobo.
“Do you think he escaped his shackles?” Franklin asked.
“Naaa.” Jake said. “Why would he want to escape? We’re such nice guys, we feed him sometimes and once every week or two we bring his chains outside so he doesn’t have to pee on himself like usual!”
Then as if waiting on cue, BoBo ran out of the shadows, killed both these men, and ate their hearts, so as to gain their courage.


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