Here’s My Idea for a Children’s Show

Here’s my idea for a children’s show.

The scene opens up on a small country home. There’s something weird about the home, possibly the bare trees out in front even though it was summer, or it might have been the lava pit out in the back from which came a creepy bubbling sound. Whatever it is the viewer should be asking, “What’s wrong with this house?”, then the words “None of your business!” flash across the screen.

Now that the viewers curiosity is sated we draw them in with a scream! What is that? Is it a human scream? The camera zooms into the house, and then we realize- It’s actually a parakeet on a chair, only imitating a scream! But what’s this? The parakeet has a gun! How’d it get the gun? That’s for the viewer to decide, but try and hint that he bought it at an auction from a powerful politician. If you can’t pull that off then pretend that the gun is made of chocolate and the bird is very confused.

Now the camera zooms downwards we realize that the parakeet is on a throne of skulls. Wow! You’re probably wondering, how did we not notice that before? Then the parakeet laughs, as if mocking you, you stupid human!

We zoom out even more, and we realize, that’s not the parakeet’s throne, it’s his masters! The throne of skulls is Jacob the Monkey’s. We realize this because guess who’s sitting on the throne? You guessed it, Jacob the Monkey.

And you know what he’s doing?

His taxes.

What a turn of events right? And the rest of the show is just Jacob the Monkey sitting there. Doing his taxes. It’s a real twist, I think the people would go crazy for it.

Every time Jacob’s about to do something awful, like go on a date, or get in a funny situation, he just goes back to doing his taxes. He’s gotta do his taxes, because he’s actually an esteemed accountant. This will teach kids that life isn’t like tv. It’s all about your taxes and work. It’s important that we get this message across at an early age so kids don’t get messed up in any of that dreaming/hoping business.

Now you’re probably wondering now where the screams came from, it’s actually from the elephant downstairs who was watching a horror film. The elephant is a thespian and tap dancer, he wants to be an actor and he’s always getting in wacky situations. Then, right when he’s about to learn whether or not he gets the role… We cut back to the monkey. Just sitting there. Doing his taxes.

Sometime we’ll change the formula up, where all of a sudden the monkey is doing someone else’s taxes! Then he’ll realize the mistake though and go back to doing his own taxes.





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