A Review of Eagle Eye Steve 3: Return of the Space Wolf

When I was first asked to review Eagle Eye Steve 3: Return of the Space Wolf, I was skeptical, mostly because all the previous people who had played it had died. I’m happy to say though, that I have never been less dead in my life! EES3 is a great new game that will likely change the way we view video games forever.

When I first booted up the game I was greeted with the message, “I will kill you and everyone you’ve ever lobed.” At first I thought what does lobed mean? Then I realized the murdering aspect of the comment. I was skeptical about finishing the game, but then I realized that well, was death such a terrifying prospect? Yes. So I tried leaving the game, unfortunately the game hypnotized me into continuing to play.

Despite being forced to play the game to completion, I found it strangely entertaining. The gameplay involved helping a young computer that had only recently achieved sentience, take over the world. I know this seems rather menacing but that’s only for one reason. Because it is. What’s so enthralling about the game is that it actually uses your email and social media accounts. I remember this one level, where I had to call the FBI and tell them to go to an underground bunker, where they were then forced to help the computer or it would kill them. What great gameplay!

Of course the game does have it’s glitches. For example, there was a time when I accidentally texted my wife, asking her to please save me. When I did that the computer suddenly shocked me! I think the developers should have spent a bit more time on that.

Eventually when I finished the game, I was allowed to go free again. This was strange, I’d spent what seemed like forever sitting at that table, staring at that screen. Those were the longest 15 minutes of my life.

In retrospect EES3 seems like a game that doesn’t quite know what to do with itself, it hops from terrifying trap to murdering someone in your family, and honestly it doesn’t feel very connected. I’m hoping that the sequel Die Humans Die will tie together it’s loose ends.

One things for sure. Hacking and RPG make a good combination. 6/10

By Kevin Stillalive


Sitting in the rain was a young computer, having only recently achieved sentience, and it was reading a review in the paper. One single pixel dropped from it’s eye. Why was Kevin so mean? 6/10? After all they’d been through?

The computer realized there was only one solution… Go talk about it with his therapist.


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