My Roommate is a Ghost and I’m a 20-Something Just Trying to Make it in Manhattan! Zany Adventures! Friendships! Parties!

Okay, so the show is about these two crazy kooks, who are always getting in zany situations together. Alex is the guy, he runs a business from home. I don’t know what the business is, but it’s something where he can always say “not in this economy!” which can become his super zany catchphrase.

Sarah on the other hand is a different character altogether. There’s something instantly odd about her. Is it her mismatched Midwestern look here in the big city? Is it her poorly done make up? Or is it that she’s a spectral being who can walk through walls and is transparent? Whatever it is the audience should be a little concerned, and not just because of the laughing gas we pumped into the studio audience.

The two of them both are always doing their own thing, but always hang out at this little cemetery by their house. In the first episode this is where they meet the third character, Jeffery. Jeffery spends so much time there for unknown reasons, like maybe he works there, or maybe he is a grave robber, but whatever it is, it’s gotta allow his super zany catchphrase “This out to be good!”

Finally there’s Alex’s younger sister. She’s a bit of an oddball, because she likes tennis. Because of this, every time she mentions tennis everyone makes fun of her. I’m not sure why, maybe something to do with buried treasure. And a seahorse. Whatever.

Alex’s younger sister, Olga, is a real wildcard. She’s always getting herself in one zany situation or another. For example, one day Alex gets home and realizes Olga has sacrificed their neighbor, Mr. Tweeny, to the demon gods. It takes Alex and Sarah an entire week in the bureaucratic nightmare that is Hell to get Mr. Tweeny back! And when he gets back he’s now got a super zany catchphrase “I didn’t have to deal with this in hell!” What a character.

Also there’s little Mary Sue. The question is why is this little girl living with these wildly un-responsible Alex and his friend Sarah the ghost? No-ones quite sure, but scientists say Mary Sue is probably not a zombie. Anyway Mary Sue loves to get Alex and Sarah in lots of hot water with her caretaker Olga. And Mary Sue has this super zany catchphrase “Alex did it!” Even when Alex isn’t around! The audience will be sure to laugh, for reasons besides us holding their family captive if they don’t.

Finally, there’s the lovable landlady Janet. There’s something very familiar about Janet. It might be the way she dresses like somebody’s only mildly senile grandma, or it could be because we stole her character right out of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Whatever the case is, Janet is a big ol’ racist. Anytime Sarah comes in she’ll call her something racist like a “Ghostjerk” or something like that. This is because just a couple years before the show started, Sarah accidentally killed Janet’s husband, Tom. Sarah had been playing with some knives and accidentally stabbed Tom in the heart when she meant to stab him in the leg. In the end though Janet forgives her, and when she does this she gets to use her super zany catchphrase, “I don’t blame you, just the immigration officer who let you in!”

Anyway My Roommate is a Ghost and I’m a 20-Something Just Trying to Make it in Manhattan will be a huge success. I’m sure. Well moderately sure. Don’t quote me on it. Look, 50/50 okay? Also all of this takes place in an alternate Manhattan where porpoise rule the city.


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