Another Good TV Show Idea

Okay, here’s my super good idea for a tv show, and I think that you’re really going to like it.


This show is a good show because it has many funny jokes in it. The jokes can be about a lot of funny things, like maybe one of the characters got a haircut, or lost their leg in an industrial accident. So one of the characters is like, your argument doesn’t have a leg to stand on! And then everyone laughs except for the guy without a leg. Because he is sad because he doesn’t have a leg. Ha!

Possibly there is a conflict at some point in each episode. The conflict is a tough one and the characters have to work together in the show to solve the problem. Except the one without a leg, because they’re all racing up the stairs, and he can’t because remember? His leg. It’s broken or gone or whatever.

In a crazy turn of events also one of the characters is some kind of magical wizard. But also he’s a Mexican. So maybe one of the other characters is racist or possibly like a Mexican catcher like a pokemon trainer, so he captures the Mexican and tries to put it in a poke ball, and then all the other characters get angry at him because he’s being so racist. Ha!

There are sad moments as well. Like one of the characters’ legs is broken and everyone feels bad about it. Except of course for the guy who lost his leg, and for some reason he’s being a real jealous Jeeves about how much sympathy this guy is getting. And everyone’s sad because one of the characters scrapes his finger while slapping the guy without a leg.

Anyway also their all ghosts and live in a rich Jewish man’s home, and they haunt him until he becomes so crazy he dresses up in a horse costume and moves to the country so they can have the house by themselves.


If you think this is a bad idea, I’d like to remind you that, my father’s rich. So when can I start?



3 thoughts on “Another Good TV Show Idea

    • I agree, you can always tell how successful a show will be based off of the number of Todd’s. I think that was the key to the success of the 1984 show “Tod, Todd, and also Todd”.

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