A Short Report Regarding Gravitual Portals

For the past six months I have been spending my time and money on researching the magical properties of Gravity Portals. Now many scientists have said there is a 100% chance that Gravity Portals don’t exist, they’ll cite things like “Why would there be a Portal made of Gravity? I mean seriously.” Or “What even is a Gravity Portal? Gravity does not make portals!”. Regardless, if they were so smart how come their studies weren’t sponsored by the I need to prove to my dad that Gravity Portals are Real Studies?

Now science as we know it doesn’t seem to support gravity portals, but let’s just think about gravity for a second. Does it make any sense that gravity can hold down an entire airplane and it can’t open up a portal to Mars? No. Can modern science explain this type of phenomenon? That’s the type of questions scientists should be asking themselves. Not weird questions like “Are there aliens?” or “How do we stop global warming?”.

Doesn’t it seem strange how millions of dollars aren’t being put towards Gravity portals and to weird things like space travel. Obviously it’s an entire government conspiracy. What’s the other explanation? Something to do with science or logic? Sounds unlikely.

In conclusion, can we have 3 million dollars to finally prove once and for all the truth behind Gravity Portals?



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