A Web of Lies

I knew immediately what the Police Officer said was false. I’d been in this type of situation before, and I knew how to recognize his Web of Lies.

When he said that my wife had been in a terrible car crash, I could immediately recognize it for what it was. One strand in a Web of Lies. My wife? Crashing a car? In critical condition at a hospital? That’s a likely story for a police officer. But I played along in his Web of Lies, and pretended to break down and cry. I found myself stringing my own Web of Lies.

I could tell though that the Police Officer wasn’t the only one weaving this Web of Lies. When my insurance company called me about the car crash, I knew they as well were involved in this Web of Lies. It was obvious that the Police Officer had put the insurance company up to this, using his police contacts. I don’t know why he wanted to weave this Web of Lies, but from that point on I knew him as he was. A spider who spun a Web of Lies in such intricate detail, he was probably starting to believe the lies himself.

Not me though. I played along, because I needed more evidence on this Dance of Deception, because not everyone has the same sense for Dance of Deception dancing monsters that I do. That night I told my children about their mother and the car crash. They started crying because they thought she would die, but I could tell that they recognized this Dance of Deception for what it was, a Dance of Deception.

When we visited my wife in the hospital and she was hooked up to all those machines, and the doctors told me she was lucky to be alive, I knew he was performing in the Theatre of Deceit. Dr. Fitzpatrick? Right, that’s a REAL doctor’s name! Ha! I played along though, and became one of the performers in Dr. Fitzpatrick’s Theatre of Deceit.

When my wife woke up and could barely speak, I was flabbergasted to realize that she had become a writer in this Treatise of Treachery. Her barely intelligible words flowed onto the Treatise of Treachery my life had become. When my children cried, I knew that they had read too much into the flowing words of this Treatise of Treachery.

The most difficult time in this Melody of Trickery, was when my wife began her physical therapy. When she fell down the stairs at home I knew she was adding another verse to her Melody of Trickery, and was trying to get me to fall into her Melody of Trickery. I didn’t fall for it though, instead I pretended like this Melody of Trickery was a ditty I danced to. I cried and brought her to the hospital. Little did she know I was adding my own chorus to her little Melody of Trickery.

Eventually my wife found herself abandoning this Web of Lies. After months of weaving a woeful Web of Lies, my wife could finally walk again. I played along the entire time, like I was a spider weaving my own Web of Lies right by her. Yes, I pretended to cry every night, and grow gray hair after the therapy bills, but that was only to weave my own bigger Web of Lies around her smaller Web of Lies.

Trust me. I know how to recognize a Web of Lies.


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