The REAL coolest Gold Rush

A lot of people mention the 1849 Gold Rush as the coolest Gold Rush of all time.                      Unfortunately this is not the case. Because of it’s controversial nature as well as the intoxication of many of it’s prospectors.
Many people are drawn to the world of prospecting for the wrong reasons. As someone who spent many years out on the gold mines, a lot of prospectors I’ve met joined because of big corporations attempts to romanticize the gold mining business. People always talk about how they wanted to mine because of the great hours and the beautiful women. Those are the wrong reasons to get into it. The most honest, happiest prospectors I’ve met all joined for the right reasons. The money.
That was the problem with the lesser known 1848 Gold Rush, most people had joined just because of their pipe dreams of the pretty girls on the gold mines. It took a long time for them to realize that actually those weren’t pretty girls, but actually hallucinations put on by the mercury they drank because they ran out of water.
I suppose the failure could mostly be attributed to them trying to mine in the desert, and their leaders failure to bring water. That wasn’t the only problem. Also they didn’t bring any food. You might say that not bringing food or water is crazy, but maybe… it was just crazy enough. But actually it wasn’t. A lot of them died.
Not all died. Though they did wish for death when they were forced to eat their fellow minors. That was not spelling error. Did I fail to mention how all the miners were children? That was the 19th century for you.
Anyway, the cannibalism was one of the worst parts of the entire gold rush, but probably not the actual worst. The worst part was when Kevin forced everyone to watch his one man show.
If you’re wondering what part of the Gold Rush made it so cool, it was the actual cold in the desert. From the snow.
So that’s why the 1848 Gold Rush was the coolest. The snow. Also the terrible ice experiments they ran on the minor miners.


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