Are You Wondering About My Party?

Hi Stephanie,

I know you’ve been wondering about my party

I assure you we’ll be drinking hearty

It won’t be at my house it’ll be at marty’s

Seven o’clock on Thursday please dress smartly

Like Jeff Smartly.

I know it may seem disgrace

To throw a party on a Thursday space

But Marty’s Parents are out of town

I don’t need to tell you what can now go down

We may get a circus clown!

Please respond when you get this message

Yours Truly Kevin

Hi Stephanie,

You haven’t responded to my message now I’m worried

I hope you don’t feel this response is hurried

Maybe your concerned the party won’t be epic

I assure my coolness is not just theoretic

(take the class it’s not pathetic)

Everyone cool will be there

Be there or be square

Not to discrimnate against sally squarehead

Besides her head she’s real well bred

My party is the place to be

So please listen to me when I decree

Please respond when you get this message

Yours truly Kevin

Hi Stephanie,

Do you think my party will be lacking food

Is that why you won’t reply

Because you have your vision skewed

Do not fear I’ll order Thai

Is it the spectacle you think’ll disappoint

Let me give my counterpoint

A sea of clowns, jokes, goons, and twirls

There’ll be no frowns, hoax, buffoons, and hurls

Admittedly that rhyme was a bit iffy

But Steph you better answer in a jiffy

Your making me high strung

I’m starting to feel like dung

Please respond when you get this message

Yours truly Kevin

Hi Stephanie,

Are you okay

Are you hurt

Have you been hit by a sleigh

Should I put the deputies on alert

I drove past your home

Knocked on your door

Looking for a sign to assure

You did not die of some poisonous spore

I thought I saw a shadow inside

An answer to my knocking was denied

The lights went out on the first floor

I swear I could hear footsteps of yours

Please respond when you get this message

Yours truly Kevin

Hi Stephanie

Are you avoiding me

When I talked to the police they said I was a flea

To you constantly attatched

My obsession with you unmatched

Do YOU find it bizzare

That I keep lots of posters

Of you, like a star

A picture of you on my coaster

A Stephanie themed model roller coaster

Society doesn’t get people like you and I

A love like ours will never run dry

At school when you say I smell like a pig sty

It always manages to make me sigh

And even though you always deny

That over me you ever cry

I know that its a lie

So will you come to my party this Thursday

And if your busy how bout Friday



What about right now

Look outside

Don’t try and hide

How bout we hang

How bout right now

How bout I’ll come and read you our vows


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