3 Completely False Secret Lives of World Leaders

Joseph Stalin was a man known for his odd sense of humor and his bad-ass mustaches. But did you know that he also ruled Russia for nearly 30 years?

There’s a lot more to leaders than just them leading their country. Why judge these leaders just by their years ruling? Or by the crimes against humanity commit?

  1. Abraham Lincoln. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln desperately wanted to be a detective? Before he lawyered up he spent years trying to prove that his wife was actually an alien, going so far as to stalk her. Which was not very difficult considering they were married and she was a 19th century housewife. Unfortunately, Lincoln’s dreams came to an end when he accidentally was elected President. Poor guy.
  2. Joseph Stalin. Stalin was actually a very prolific Party Magician. Even through his years as the brutal leader of Russia he managed to incorporate his Party Magic into the mix. Actually, he would get whatever political prisoners that had yet to confess and would force them to watch his entire act. There was a 98% confession rate. The other 2% were other Party Magicians, who in turn tried to do their own show. And were then executed.
  3. Winston Churchill. Churchill was a very interesting man, but did you also know that for all of his years as Prime Minister he was also a Mexican Wrestler? I know this may seem a little bit crazy, but at the end of every other week he would travel to Mexico to compete as El Floppo?


You’re welcome, word. I think it’s a shame that these truths aren’t taught in school, and instead we focus on the civil war, or the Purges, or World War II. So that’s why I propose you try and educate as many people as possible on the real truths of our World Leaders.




One thought on “3 Completely False Secret Lives of World Leaders

  1. Did you know Margaret Thatcher once had a secret childhood dream to be a waitress at IHOP? her dreams crumbled when she kept confusing biscuits with cookies. And rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth just wanted to be a frumpy housewife.

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