Mr. Average and His League of Heroes


Mr. Mean

                Mr. Mean was the founder of the League of Heroes. He first rose to prominence when a group of mad scientists couldn’t figure out the average of a math equation they needed to build their death ray. But then Mr. Average leaped to the challenge and helped them find the mean of the equation, ultimately helping the mad scientists build the death ray that crushed all those orphanages. Feeling bad about himself, Mr. Mean decided he wouldn’t let anything like that happen again, and dedicated his life to fixing problems.

Proffesor Punch

                Proffesor Punch dedicated his life to fighting criminals. Every time a criminal would try to rob a bank, or steal some candy from a little kid, Proffesor Punch would jump right in front of him. And then he’d start proffessing how much he liked fruit punch. Just for hours that’s all he would talk about. Eventually the other guy would get so bored he’d turn himself in.


Grim Reaper

                He’s just a real downer.


Cardboard Man

                His super power is that provided with enough time and enough cardboard boxes, he can make a really cool cardboard fort. The League of Heroes’ base is set in one of his coolest cardboard boxes. And his mom even has a tarp, so it can withstand some rain.



                He was once a man with a cynical attitude, but after being locked inside a comedy club for a week Fantastico changed. His super power is a very positive attitude! Hurray!


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