How To Tell If Your Son Joined A Gang

A lot of teenagers find themselves spending time with the wrong crowd. Maybe this is because teenagers just like to rebel, or maybe it’s because they think there is a lot of future in gangs. But that is not the case. Usually gangs flare out, and then your stuck for two months doing nothing while trying to find another gang. I’m just saying it’s a dangerous situation, one that you want to make sure your son avoids.

Do you want your son to become a silhouette?

There are a lot of signs to look out for, and they go as follows:Read More »

Horses and Horse Drawn Carriages are Back!

Hipsters have brought back lots of things that we thought had been lost to the ravages of time. Beards, fixed gear bikes, glasses, smelling bad, you name it. They have revolutionized taking pictures of their food as well as sporting items you didn’t even know could work like a hat. But now I think it’s time to utilize their oddness.

I think that now is a time of malleability in American Culture, and dammit I think we can bring horses back.Read More »