How To Tell If Your Son Joined A Gang

A lot of teenagers find themselves spending time with the wrong crowd. Maybe this is because teenagers just like to rebel, or maybe it’s because they think there is a lot of future in gangs. But that is not the case. Usually gangs flare out, and then your stuck for two months doing nothing while trying to find another gang. I’m just saying it’s a dangerous situation, one that you want to make sure your son avoids.

Do you want your son to become a silhouette?

There are a lot of signs to look out for, and they go as follows:


  1. Does he wear his pants lower than before? A lot of gangs measure a members success based off of how low he wears his pants. Note this isn’t definitive though, before accusing your son, check with his doctor if he has Lowpantsyndrome. I accused my son of joining a gang when I saw how low his pants were, but it turns out he just has lowpantsyndrome. Of course he would deny it and say something like, “That’s not a real thing.” and “I’m not in a gang, you just buy me pants three sizes too big!” and crazy stuff like that.
  2. Does he stay out late and then come back, reeking of old person smell? As we all know, gangs are made predominantly up of old people. My son spent years with those old people. And the thing was, they called it a “retirement home”. I don’t know why they decided that should be their front, but boy oh boy did they take it to the extreme. I mean, it was crazy, they’d send him money for every hour they spent with him and everything!

    We have no idea what type of evil plans this man is up to
  3. Is he starting to drift away? When I began to piece together the puzzle of my son slipping into the dangerous world of gangs, one of the biggest signs was that he began to drift away from me. Of course he’d site reasons like “college”, and go on rants about how he was 18 now and he didn’t want to live in our basement/chamber of evil anymore. Take special notice if you begin getting strange things called Report Cards in the mail. It’s all part of the gangs scheme.

My hopes in writing this is that your story will have a happier ending than mine. My son and I barely talk anymore. He says that this is because I’ve blocked him on all media’s and throw rocks at him every time I see him, but I’m just trying to defend myself from his evil gang ways.

Please, listen to my mistakes and learn from them. Don’t let your son leave the house. Ever. Everything goes downhill from there. Against my better judgement I let him out of the Chamber of Evil when he was 11, and ever since he’s had dreams of his own. Please don’t make my mistakes. Keep your kids locked up. Otherwise they’ll join a gang, and he won’t even invite you to be part of it.


One thought on “How To Tell If Your Son Joined A Gang

  1. My family keeps trying to get me to go to church. Should I be concerned? When they describe the community, traditions, and time commitment it sounds an awful lot like a gang. Also, there are always lots of old people there.


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