5 TV Shows I Wish I Could Produce

I’ve always wanted to produce a TV show, but unfortunately after some arguably a little bit illegal activities, as well as some restraining orders which make it very difficult for me to safely be almost anywhere in LA, it’s a little unrealistic for me to produce a show.

Where did the time go?

Where did the time go is a time travel show about a guy who is trying to time travel, but then he accidentally gets in an accident in the time machine and goes into a coma for 40 years. And he wakes up and he’s like 75 and he keeps asking “Where did the time go?”. Also it’s the future so maybe there’s something crazy about, like maybe we ride dogs like horses, or maybe horses are our butlers. I don’t know.


Stabby Stabby Stab

The entire tv show runs like some sort of horror film, but the twist is it’s a tv show. So for like an entire 9 hour season a bunch of teenagers are just trying to get out of some sort of mansion on top of a hill. And every time they are about to get out then all of a sudden the murderer or monster or whatever attacks them and they have to go back to the middle of the house, trying to get out.


Buck Or Two

A young man gets a call from his grandfather that his farm is going out of business and also maybe he spent all of the young mans money somehow so they’re all poor. So the young guy has to go back to his grandfather’s farm. But did I mention it’s a deer farm? And also the young man falls in love with a woman who’s mind was switched with a deer. And the two of them raise a Buck or Two! Because the dual meaning of Buck, like dollar and also young deer. You’re welcome.

Tickley Tickley Tickle

Just like stabby stabby stab, but actually just re-skinned so it’s for children. Instead of stabbing it’s all about tickling. If stabby stabby stab doesn’t work out, this is my backup.

Fish World

It all takes place underwater, and the characters are all fish in a coral reef community. But also there’s something interesting going on. A murder. One of the fish wakes up with it’s fins chopped off and also it’s dead. The same thing happens to other fish. So they call the best in the business James World, the fish. Soon his wife is taken victim and it gets personal. Also in the end it turns out he’s the murderer. Also the shows for children.nptkc0jqnus-yanguang-lan.jpg


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