The Town Race Car

A lot of small communities don’t have much in the way of public transportation, but they solve this by lending each other their bicycles and sometimes their cars if they can afford them. Not in my little farming community though. Here in Clearwater, AX, we have a race car.

Not just any race car, but a red one. Yes, sure. We probably could have spent that money on building a well close to our farms, but we’ve got the children of the town, and if they’re not good for carting around hundreds of pounds water, what are they good for?

Now sure, there is not a whole lot of practicality in using a race car for carting stuff around, or even for transporting the potatoes we farm to other places. But what it is good for is looking cool. Sure other farming villages make much more money then us, and show up to every farmers market in town, but we have a race car.


When our teenagers go on dates, we let them use the race car. The girl is all like ‘Wow! A race car! Wow!’ and the guy then looks at the camera and smiles while nodding his head.

What do your teenagers drive to dates Glendale? Not a race car that’s for sure! Yeah, so what? Maybe because of you’re well designed transportation system you guys sell all of your potatoes while half of ours rot. Maybe you guys can all afford cars because of that. And maybe you guys actually frequently loan us money because we have none.

But at least we have a race car.



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