When I was a Spy

When did everything get so hectic? I ask myself as I look at my family rushing about their day. My beautiful wife Veronica, and my two kids. And then I remember they are not my family, but actually just a family I’ve been spying on. Life is funny like that. Ha Ha Ha.

You may be wondering how I got into spying on young families. Sometimes I wonder as well, but then I remember I don’t have to wonder because it happened to me. I just have to recall the memory.

You see, kids. When I was younger I always wanted to be someone with lots of kids. But then one day the doctor told me that I couldn’t have kids. Because if I did Child Protective Services would take them away. Because I’m “Mentally unsound”. Even though scientists to this day do not know what mentally unsound means, I’ve still taken the message to heart.

So I spend my days and nights spying on this young family, just so I can get that feeling of family and friendship in my heart. And the great thing is though I can just stand there almost invisible and they won’t even pay any attention to me.

The strange thing is though, I only get to see them a couple of times a year, and only when their pipes are clogged, toilets broken, or there is a leak. And then I’ll come over and fix it and they’ll give me money and then I’ll leave. Being a spy is pretty good.

These are my spying tools.



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