My Long Lost Friendship

Sometimes when it’s dark and cloudy in the night, and also it’s raining, and also snowing, I think back to my time with Frightman. We had some good times together him and I. He was the type of guy who would make you a sandwich in the morning, even when you didn’t ask him to. No, scratch that. Especially when you didn’t want him to.

Frightman and I met when I was in college. I had discovered that college was expensive, and I wasn’t quite smart enough to do the whole Good Will Hunting thing. So I decided I’d just live in the air vents and spy on classes.

Now this was smart in theory, but in practice quite difficult. So instead I just moved into the abandoned mansion near the school and pulled off an elaborate identity switching heist to go to classes.

The abandoned mansion.

Anyway, while I was at death mansion, I met a boy by the name of P&3#. He was a real character. He’d always show up while I was in the shower and try and stab me, and then the two of us would laugh. Sometimes when I was going for a midnight snack, he’d flick all the lights on and off. He was just a crazy guy like that. I gave him the nickname Frightboy, and he cursed me and my family.

This was his favorite brand of knife to throw at me.

But then something changed. One day I came home and there was a girl that he had possessed just lying on the ground covered in blood. When I asked him who she was, he said nothing and just did his normal thing where he tried to suck my soul out of my body.

But I was having none of it. I left, and haven’t seen him since. Sometimes I’ll see words written in blood on my wall and I’ll think of him, but that’s just from the curse the old Gypsie woman set on me.



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