Secret Trial

Probably the greatest achievement of the Pablian dynasty would have to be it’s use of a Secret Trial. A secret trial was the most prestigious, but also most difficult thing that a Judge could pull off.

It would usually begin like so. The Judge could pick a single person to inform of the secret trial. Normally this would be a member of the jury or someone involved in the trial, but occasionally a judge would try something different and ask somebody completely unrelated, like an aunt, or possibly some kind of circus performer. It’s really up to them.

Now the goal of a secret trial is to do the entire thing without revealing to anyone they’re actually in a trial. Sometimes this is accomplished by blindfolding everyone and trying to trick them into thinking they’re at a very strange birthday party. Sometimes, as in the case of the murder by Alfonzo the Great Hypnotist, the trial took 6 years because the Judge spent 5 years planting the idea in their head to go to the Capitol on March 29th and visit a ghost hunter by the name of Craig. He then managed to get a confession and the jury to pass judgement while they all tried to catch the ghost William the Ghost, killing two birds with one stone.

Anyone found guilty would be sent to the woods for a SECRET EXECUTION

But not everyone was as good as BoBo the judge. There have been thousands of mishaps when trying to pull off a secret trial. For example, one time Canspirad Gorvicat the Judge accidentally indicted his own mother because the trial was so secret, he didn’t even know about it!

Secret trials have been known to be so secret that sometimes the judge manages to indict himself. I know it does not seem possible, but it is. If a Judge has been seen as having done some wrong doings, the Secret Secret Trial Creators will set up the Judge in a way in which he trials himself. It gets very complicated.

The Pablian empire fell though, mostly because of a failure to bring justice to criminals due to their roundabout trial system, bringing an end to Secret Trials forever.

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