Frigid Freedom and Other Games Played in Soviet Russia


As we all know, Soviet Russia was primarily know for it’s ability to have fun and games, so I figured now is a time better than ever to bring to light some of the most popular Soviet Union past times.

1. Frigid Freedom. It’s one of those classic games that stemmed from an overwhelming desire to be somewhere else, and ended up becoming one of the largest organized sports leagues in Russia. The entire point of Frigid Freedom, is to wait outside and hope someone shoots you so you can go to a hospital and at least be warm for a little while. It may not sound like much, but some players got so good at it that they managed to get shot nearly 1 out of every 10

2.Quit Stalin’. This one is funny because of the word play. Quit Stalin, like quit stalling. Get it? Anyway, in this game you look around and find as many newspapers with Stalin’s face on it, and then you bring them back to your home and use them as a blanket, because your real blanket was taken away for the greater good.

Dinner for four!

3.Where’s the Tomato? This game is a fun one. Ever player starts looking for the tomato, and as they look they distract themselves from the fact that there is no tomato or food and they’re very hungry.

4.Who can starve the fastest. In this game, you try and starve as quickly as possible so that you can hopefully be reincarnated in the great US of A.


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