Ghost Hunting For Dummies


Hunting ghosts can be one of the best hobbies to get into, it’s rewarding, fun, and has an 85% survival rate! It’s especially good for a romantic getaways. I cannot tell you how many times throughout my ghost hunting days I’ve seen romances cemented on ghost hunting expeditions.

  1. Split up. Every time! Even if there are 500 of you, make sure you split up into little groups of 1 or 2. This guarantees you the most fun possible!
  2. Ghosts aren’t the only thing to worry about! You’re being hunted, you’ve seen your friends die in front of you. What’s the last thing on your mind? Water. Look out, because dehydration’s the real killer so make sure to stock up on fluids.StockSnap_E5UC8HTGT3.jpg
  3. Romance is always in the air! There is nothing like seeing your supposedly dead Uncle Earl with an ax in his hand chasing you around your family’s abandoned mansion to set a girl into the existential crisis she needs to have to finally commit to your relationship.
  4. Ghost Hunting is also great for starting NEW relationships! Like maybe there’s a nice girl you’ve met, but she won’t go out with you because she thinks you’re an ugly piece of garbage. Not with a ghost though! If you see a pretty ghost, bare your soul to him or her! There’s nowhere for them to escape to avoid hearing your sweet talk. Of course they will try literally sucking out your soul. So you know, positives and negatives.
  5. Finally, if you do find a ghost, take a picture of it and send it to us. It’ll be great to have finally seen a real ghost. Then I’ll be all like, look who’s crazy now mom?


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