Master and Deathsxore

Master and Deathsxore were known for their light attitude, their ability to turn anything into a joke, and there murder trials, but did you know there was more to Master and Deathsxore then meets the eye?

Master grew up in an uptown household, as one of 19 children it was difficult for Master to stand out from his brothers and sisters. Which also explains why he has such a stupid name like Master, 19 kids are difficult to name. So what he did was every night he would cut away one inch of his siblings legs and tie it all back together. By the end of the year he was the tallest by 2 feet. And after he got back from Juvie (which he was sent to because c’mon! He was chopping off the other kids legs!) his Mother and Father noticed him very much. Because of their fear in him.

Deathsxore didn’t have such a happy childhood. His parents were, as you already know, robots in the great Robo War that took the lives of millions. Deathsxore had about 11 million siblings, because all robots are related, and stuck out like a sore thumb. Mostly because he was human. He didn’t realize this of course (robots that are really humans rarely do) and had a real inferiority complex because of it.

When Master and Deathsxore finally met it was a meeting for the ages. Because they were at an all ages accepted bar when they met. It was almost like a whirlwind romance, except there was no kissing, besides one very confused night as they watched the sunset together.StockSnap_MBSNY8RR5G.jpg

These two weren’t just pals though. Through a series of hilarious mishaps, the two of them began running their own drug cartel for a while, they had a brief stint as the POTUS, and both won Ms. Universe… Together!

There was nothing these two could not do.

But then cracks began to form in the relationship. Master was always trying to convince Deathsxore that he wasn’t a robot, to no avail. And Deathsxore was always pissed off at Master, because he was always chopping off parts of his body during the middle of the night.

Finally they could take each other no more, and their wacky adventures came to an end. Sometimes though, you’ll see Master out on the street with his surgeon scalpel and a far away look in his eye. And sometimes you’ll see a propaganda video from the League of Robots, and everyone is moving in sync except for one robot with a look in his eye that says “I miss Master, we were best friends and we should have been able to put our difference aside.”

Oh yeah, and also they were brutally murdered.

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