Good Ol’ Jonzie

There was always something weird about ol’ Jonzie. For one, why did I call him ol’ Jonzie if he wasn’t old? Secondly, he was always rushing around the house, thinking we didn’t notice him. Every time any of the family walked by he’d jump into a door frame and I swear I’d hear him say ‘invisible’ or maybe it was just a loud grunt.

Yes, there was a strange aura about Jonzie. Sometimes I wonder whether it was his claw hand. Now that I think about it maybe it was his claw hands. He was always ready to scratch someone if they did something he didn’t like.

Another strange thing is how small he was. He was almost like a little midget, except even smaller than that! He had this real bad habit of walking around on all fours, which made him even smaller! And he had a real bad attitude about it as well, if you ever tried to pick him up to show him what it was like being tall he’d just squirm until you were forced to drop him.

And he didn’t like eating with us either. He ate in the hallway from a little weird bowl we bought for him, he had his own little water dish as well. Don’t worry though, just because he was different doesn’t mean we didn’t give him any nice food. He would get some weird smelling meaty food and some dry food. Every now and then I’d slip him some pasta or part of a milkshake, but for some reason everyone got mad at me.

Life with ol’ Jonzie didn’t go on forever though, one day I got back from work at the Murder-Suicide Pamphlet factory, and ol’ Jonzie was dead.zul8zfse-ky-linh-nguyen

Boy, looking back at these pictures, he was a lot furrier than I remember.

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