But It Gets Worse

Finding your way through a house that the newspapers all claim is haunted is bad enough, but you know what makes it even worse? When your flash light goes out. And then you begin to see this weird like glowing green ooze all around you.

But it gets worse. All of a sudden, is that broken glass beneath your feet? I bet you wish you’d listened to your mother about wearing those nice shoes of yours. Going ghost hunting barefoot was stupid anyway.

All of a sudden you hear a loud banging noise. Maybe it’s just a band from the less haunted house across the street. But then you remember that the neighbors band is a percussionless band!

But it gets worse. You make your way to the banging noise, walking carefully to avoid as much broken glass as possible, until all of a sudden a hand bursts through the wooden wall next to you and grabs you by the neck.

Hands Are Friggin’ Creepy!

But it gets worse. Just as you begin to lose consciousness, it lets go and you crumple to the ground onto the broken glass below.

Just as you are about to despair and take the cyanide pill your Mom always makes you promise to bring, the lights flick on and you see your family all around you.

“Surprise! Happy Birthday!”

Best. Birthday. Ever.

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