Follow Your Dreams, Unless They’re Stupid

Ever since I was born I’ve felt very shoe horned by my parents. It’s  so difficult to communicate with them that I don’t want to rape and pillage, but you know parents, right?

That’s one thing I’ve never really understood, why do parents care so much what we do? I guess it’s because they care about us, but how do we tell them we’re not interested in the same things they are?

A couple weeks ago my Dad and I visited a nearby town, and I was about to tell him, but work got in the way, and as I burned down that hospital, the look in Dad’s eyes made me think maybe I could do this. But then he turned away, and I realized how bored I was with slaying villagers and stealing their sheep and maidens.

Boy oh boy does our family value burning down villages.

When he did find out Dad was pissed. He didn’t burn down a village for weeks, he just stayed at home looking out the window and saying ‘I have no son.’ Now I get that if he’s trying to hurt me, but boy oh boy did it really hurt my little brother Tim’s feelings.

My mother took the news a little bit better, she went out and razed some villages like normal, but I could tell her heart wasn’t in it.

But, on the bright side, I finally got my dream job. I’m opening up the first viking accounting firm!

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