Horseman was the greatest of super heroes. But also in a much more realitic way, he was the worst of super heroes.

Horseman was a super hero in the traditional sense, he had the body of a man and the head of a horse. Sometimes though, his girlfriends would ask him whether or not he had a human heart, and then he’d just neigh because, you know, horse head!

On top of that poor Horesman didn’t get invited to all the super hero parties because of him being a horse. Sometimes he’d finish his day of eating apples that might be dangerous, and once he’d licked all the sugar cubes in the area to make sure they weren’t poisoned, he’d head in only to discover his roommate, Captain Murder, had started a party without him.

Those were the dark days for Horseman. No one knows where he went, but what they do know is 1200 children died from poisoned sugar cubes that dark, dark month.

Not to mention the 23 apple murders that Horseman could have prevented.

When he got back he was a new man. Literally. He didn’t have a horse-head anymore. Or the same body. And also instead of being called Horseman they called him Steve. And when asked about Horseman he didn’t know who that was.

Good times.

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