When Is The Right Time To Leave A Party

I always have this problem when I’m at a party, everyone begins to trickle out, but when do I go? Should I help them clean up? Or am I not that kind of friend? Or should I leave early? But does that say I didn’t like the party? Or maybe I should just stay until they ask me to leave?
So I was faced with a real dilemma after my friend Steve’s party. People were just beginning to trickle out, and I, being Steve’s 8th best friend (by my calculations), decided I would help clean up afterwards.
I got a strange look from Steve as I began to put things away. I was just trying to be nice, but apparently I put some stuff in the wrong place. But how was I supposed to know they didn’t want their fine china in the trash? Or their clothes in the trash? Or the leftovers in the trash? Or their drunken half-asleep friend in the trash? Or their valuable jewels in my pocket? If they didn’t want their jewels stolen they shouldn’t have left them out in that safe.StockSnap_B3FWPBJURM.jpg
Steve told me that maybe I should just leave, but I couldn’t knowing that Steve was angry at me. So I went upstairs and made up his bed all romantic like for him and his wife. But then I got really tired and fell asleep on the bed.

When I woke up it was morning.

I could not believe what I had just done. The only way for me to make it up to them was to go downstairs and make them breakfast. They didn’t have a lot of the ingredients, or any of the ingredients except for milk, but I still managed to make them pancakes. The trick is just to pour the milk on the pan until it burned into a thin solid state.

So when Steve and his wife woke up and I gave them their food, you can’t imagine my surprise when they didn’t seem excited to eat it. But nothing that physically shoving the pancake down their throat can’t fix.

Somethings nagging me though. I just get the feeling that they don’t like me.

I guess I’m just going to have to stay here until I can change that.

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