5 TV Shows I Wish I Could Produce

I’ve always wanted to produce a TV show, but unfortunately after some arguably a little bit illegal activities, as well as some restraining orders which make it very difficult for me to safely be almost anywhere in LA, it’s a little unrealistic for me to produce a show.

Where did the time go?

Where did the time go is a time travel show about a guy who is trying to time travel, but then he accidentally gets in an accident in the time machine and goes into a coma for 40 years. And he wakes up and he’s like 75 and he keeps asking “Where did the time go?”. Also it’s the future so maybe there’s something crazy about, like maybe we ride dogs like horses, or maybe horses are our butlers. I don’t know.


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Horses and Horse Drawn Carriages are Back!

Hipsters have brought back lots of things that we thought had been lost to the ravages of time. Beards, fixed gear bikes, glasses, smelling bad, you name it. They have revolutionized taking pictures of their food as well as sporting items you didn’t even know could work like a hat. But now I think it’s time to utilize their oddness.

I think that now is a time of malleability in American Culture, and dammit I think we can bring horses back.Read More »

Another Good TV Show Idea

Okay, here’s my super good idea for a tv show, and I think that you’re really going to like it.


This show is a good show because it has many funny jokes in it. The jokes can be about a lot of funny things, like maybe one of the characters got a haircut, or lost their leg in an industrial accident. So one of the characters is like, your argument doesn’t have a leg to stand on! And then everyone laughs except for the guy without a leg. Because he is sad because he doesn’t have a leg. Ha!Read More »

My Roommate is a Ghost and I’m a 20-Something Just Trying to Make it in Manhattan! Zany Adventures! Friendships! Parties!

Okay, so the show is about these two crazy kooks, who are always getting in zany situations together. Alex is the guy, he runs a business from home. I don’t know what the business is, but it’s something where he can always say “not in this economy!” which can become his super zany catchphrase.

Sarah on the other hand is a different character altogether. There’s something instantly odd about her. Is it her mismatched Midwestern look here in the big city? Is it her poorly done make up? Or is it that she’s a spectral being who can walk through walls and is transparent? Whatever it is the audience should be a little concerned, and not just because of the laughing gas we pumped into the studio audience.Read More »

Here’s My Idea for a Children’s Show

Here’s my idea for a children’s show.

The scene opens up on a small country home. There’s something weird about the home, possibly the bare trees out in front even though it was summer, or it might have been the lava pit out in the back from which came a creepy bubbling sound. Whatever it is the viewer should be asking, “What’s wrong with this house?”, then the words “None of your business!” flash across the screen.

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